SCHRAUBFREI packs sustainably


For Markus Müller, founder and owner, the sustainable operation of his company SCHRAUBFREI is of great importance. Thus, a photovoltaic system is located on the roof of the company building and supplies machines as well as equipment with environmentally friendly electricity. The company’s fleet of vehicles now consists exclusively of electric vehicles, and when it comes to packaging the privacy fences, the focus is on recycling.

Markus Müller explains: “I completely do without the purchase of new packaging material. There are several businesses in the vicinity of our company headquarters that receive regular deliveries. There, I can contact the owners to pick up cardboard, wooden crates and even tension bands that have already been used. I receive all of these items free of charge – and can also include these savings in the calculation of my quotations.” Thus also the customers of SCHRAUBFREI profit from the lasting way of working.

Every privacy fence requested from SCHRAUBFREI is shipped on a pallet built specifically for the order. “This customization means that no unnecessary pallet wood is consumed,” says Markus Müller. “In addition, we manage to create a particularly force-fit shipping unit. Slippage and thus, in most cases, damage to the goods is ruled out.”