​Covers for planks openings


The SCHRAUBFREI plug-in system consists of steel posts and stainless steel slide-in elements. The slide-in elements have lasered openings in which the privacy planks made of natural wood are stored.

If the privacy fence is to be lower than 1.80 meters final height, the steel posts and slide-in elements are manually shortened from below at the construction site and thus adjusted to the desired height. With these cuts, it can happen that the lowest opening for the privacy planks in the slide-in elements is cut.

To ensure that SCHRAUBFREI meets the highest aesthetic demands, Markus Müller has now developed filler plates for the laser-cut openings in the slide-in elements. The filler plate can be inserted into the slide-in element on site. This filler plate is then cut to size together with the slide-in element. This produces a closed view at the bottom of the slide-in element. The filler plates are fixed from behind and the previously existing partial openings are perfectly closed.