Universal base plate

The universal base plate, which is comparable to a post shoe, is made of 6 mm/0.2-inch. thick steel and is supplied either powder-coated or hot-dip galvanized. The plate has pre-drilled holes and can therefore be screwed perfectly on walls, paving surfaces or concrete areas. Thus, the visual protection fences of SCHRAUBFREI can also be installed where an entry of the posts is not possible in the underground.

The connection of the posts and the universal base plate is ensured by screws, which are supplied and inserted into pre-drilled holes. Because the rising element of the base plate is 25 centimeters long, the stability of the entire visual protection fence construction is guaranteed at all times. Especially practical: SCHRAUBFREI sends with the order a suitable drilling stencil for marking on the substrate. These stencils have notches that allow the exact alignment on a string.

The ingenious simplicity of SCHRAUBFREI, there is only one type of post, continues with the base plates: one base plate is required per post. For middle posts consisting of two standard posts, two base plates are therefore necessary. Thus, variable gradations can be easily realized for central posts with base plates. A special service for landscape gardeners and private garden owners is that the manufacturer supplies the posts with base plates also pre-assembled on request.

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With the universal base plate, the visual protection fences can also be mounted on walls.
The universal base plate is made of 6 millimeters/0.2-inch. thick steel and is therefore particularly stable.

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