​Offset marking facilitates installation


Markus Müller, founder, owner and innovative head of SCHRAUBFREI, is always looking for optimizations of his privacy fences. The current result of his considerations are the offset markings, which can be found on all posts with immediate effect.

The offset markings are horizontal indentations in the lower part of the posts – they are located on both sides of the posts. When landscapers or garden owners erect and fix posts on site at construction sites or in private gardens, they can make the best use of the markings for height alignment. Because once the construction site string is taut, the posts can be placed not only in alignment, but also perfectly level thanks to the markings. There is no need for tedious marking of the posts by hand, which is often prone to errors.

Once the posts are installed, the stagger markers are located two centimeters below the lowest privacy board. They are plain and therefore do not cause any aesthetic damage to the posts and the entire privacy fence.